Trying to reinstall macOS lion on a new ssd but the verification codes

My 2011 MacBook pro ssd failed last week. I swapped in a new one and am trying to reinstall macOS lion to make sure the MacBook pro is not faulty before I connect my only time machine external hard drive backup. I don't want to risk corrupting that back up.

The problem is I was finally able to erase and reformat the new ssd but when I try to reinstall macOS lion I get a message to sign into icloud with my apple id. I do this and it tells me to add the verification code to my password. Problem is I don't get any verification to my iPhone.

My iPhone is an iPhone 4s running iOS8. My MacBook was running macOS Sierra. The verification codes are being sent to the MacBook I'm trying to fix. If I sign into on my kindle same thing happens but there's a button that says 'didn't get verification codes' this then gives me the option to choose to have the codes sent by text which I promptly receive and can enter and sign into

This option does not exist on the macOS lion reinstall screen.

I have tried to use my other apple id but I get an error that says 'temporarily not available, try again later' over and over. So been troubleshooting and reading and apparently I have to use the apple id I originally used to install the macOS.

I've spent many hours over the last week with apple support and they say:

1. Bring to an apple certified technician as these models are obsolete but a technician is not going to fix the icloud issue.

2. Use another iPhone - I could sign into my mum's iPhone running ios12 but I'm also reading this will transfer my icloud settings to her phone. She doesn't have a back up or even know her own icloud password to sign back in so this is too risky.

3. Do account recovery - if I do that i might get locked out entirely from icloud and not be able to retrieve my MacBook at all.

4. Sign into and sign out my MacBook pro from there so the verification codes get sent to my phone - but the problem is this doesn't guarantee I'd get a text. It might just send via iOS8 like it is now which is not working. And if it's still the same issue then My MacBook pro will be permanently detached from my icloud apple id because you need to use that specific device to sign back in - which is exactly what I can't do.

5. There seem to be no way for me to switch off two factor authentication so not much choice there.

Apple seems to be set in on trying account recovery because it's the only option left to try but if that doesn't work in permanently screwed.

What on earth do I do here? This is such a stupid problem to have and I've barely slept this week trying to save this MacBook pro. Under the current pandemic I don't really have the funds to buy a new MacBook pro and I need one for work. I feel like I'm screwed either way - literally any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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