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How do I fix the power button on my Packard Bell Easynote TJ65?

The power button doesn't work and the laptop just won't turn on. When plugged into the mains the light is on to say it's fully charged. My friend had a look, took it apart to get to the power switch, which he tested and is fine, it seems to be the cable from the switch that is the problem. After giving it a bit of a wiggle the computer came on, but then after taking the battery out to put everything back together properly it doesn't work again. Have looked online and this seems to be a fairly common fault. I can find replacement cables on ebay, but just need some instructions on how to go about replacing it, it is not very accessible!

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If you have a black screen and no power but charging light is on then you need to replace the power button cable. it's not too difficult to do it. No soldering skill required.

1-Take screen bezel plastic out by removing each screw hidden under a white circular cover around the screen hinges and pry it open with your nails.

2-remove touch button trim above the keyboard by removing 2 x screws hidden under the battery.

3-remove the keyboard by unplugging it from motherboard. be careful on this.

now rest is easy. just remember how the button board fitted in originally as it has a spring behind it. that s bit tricky but you can do it.

The Power button cable gets damaged when you shut and lift open the screen lid over the time and the button become unresponsive therefore you can't power on the laptop.

Such cable exist on ebay. Just buy one and within less than an hour you can fit it in to fix it.

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Hi, Here is a link for downloading the service manual for your laptop. Good luck.

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