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A1708 / EMC 3071—2016년 11월 출시, 이 MacBook Pro 13”는 OLED Touch Bar를 소개합니다. 듀얼-코어 "Skylake" Intel Core i5 CPU 및 Thunderbolt 3 포트 4 개 포함.

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SoCal: SSD lifeboat port and Apple Kit Customer Data Migration Tool

Liquid damaged my 2016 13” MacBook Pro with tea (sugar and milk). Laptop lid was closed and computer asleep. But the tea got in through the rear vents and soaked most of the screen hinge area.

Made several mistakes:

  • Opened the lid to dry the liquid immediately
  • Turned on laptop 10-15 mns after the spill and got missing drive ? reset NVRAM and booted up normally.
  • Then rebooted because the trackpad wasn’t working properly.
  • Booted normally and used for an urgent transaction before I heard a click (similar to a HDD failing) and the computer shut down.
  • Haven’t been able to turn on after leaving it alone for a week. I know now that corrosion caused even more damage.

The Apple Store I visited last night won’t repair but replace everything for $1,299. They won’t use the “lifeboat” port to retrieve my data either. But they kindly removed the P5 Pentalobe fasteners so that I can remove the bottom cover at home. Which I did (one clip left and right, in the middle of the shorter side for whose wondering and reading this in the future).

I also disconnected the battery by removing the ribbon cable. I learned about the existence of that port on 2016-2017 MBPs with soldered SSD via google search.

Grossman Group (repair store) in NYC estimated $500+ to repair or $200+ to retrieve data. They want the whole laptop shipped to them.

Reluctant to trust anyone with my admin password (Filevault is turned on) which gives access to keychain and an encrypted not inside Keychain with all my passwords for everything (reusing the same password for that as the user login is another mistake)

I really just want my data. Don’t care to save the laptop which is now 4 years old. The money can be put towards an entirely new laptop instead.

From the photos:

  1. Looks like I have 2 SSD chips and I can’t spot any damage. But and IF there is some corrosion damage in one of them or both, would that render it/ then permanently lost thus making my current data recovery efforts useless?
  2. Should I remove the logic board and clean in a pan filled with > 91% alcohol and a toothbrush? My iFixit toolkit was just delivered today.
  3. Is there anyone in SoCal with the Apple Kit Customer Data Migration Tool part # 076-00236? I can purchase it and resell it when done or rent it from you for 1-2 hours to pull my data?

I would appreciate any insight and help. Thank you.

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The tool you want is this one Apple Customer Data Migration Tool (CDM) Apple P/N 076-00236 finding one will be hard as Apple stopped making them a couple of years ago. The BookYard often gets them in so I would post for notification when one becomes available.

You’ll need to cold call shops in your neck of the woods to see who has one.

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Thanks Dan.

Just signed up for their stock alert.

Apple tried to refer to a data recovery company. Officially Apple does not recover data. But what is that tool used for then if they have it?

Can’t wait to get my own. Will call around on monday as well to see if i can get this done without handing over my password.

I saw you comment and say that it is not advised to disconnect the battery without disabling auto boot was it? in Terminal.

My computer no long turn on so I couldn’t do that. Is that going to damage the SSD contents?

Cold called shops in LA today. No luck sourcing one but found a couple of olaces who have it and can use it to migrate my data.

But they are asking me to supply my macOS credentials for filevault and to drop off the laptop for a few days.

I am not comfortable giving them my password though.

@mbp2016 - Maybe you'll need to travel up the coast to Apple Park to knock on big Tim's door !! Do write a note to him as you're not the first to be stymied!

It is really a stunning design decision.

Now, how does one approach Apple to buy parts as a repair shop?

I tried googling this but could not find a portal or anything explaining the process.

Apple doesn't offer independent repair shops any parts, Apple did roll out a marketing lead effort to quell the anger of lack of support with a batteries only program, but they end up charging more than what the Apple Store charge for the same part. So the effort mostly failed. Most shops would love to have real parts Vs having to search for junkers to salvage parts as well as not knowing if the so called part being sold is reliable from the 3rd part.

Bottom line its a mess! Apple is not even willing to have a dialog. If they don't want to support us then work with a parts house, selling to them at cost and then let them manage things.

But! That's OK, as the Right to Repair movement will set it in place for any tech company. Here in Boston we are very close to getting it into law. The EU has just outlined their new law, and even the UK is moving forward. With a new administration coming on board in Jan with a strong environmental bend, I think in a few years it will likely be at the federal level!

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Were you able to find a solution to this problem? I am in the exact situation now with my 2016 MacBook pro, and I live in the LA area as well. I am willing to rent one / buy one / have a shot do it.. any luck?

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Frankly, I'd have Louis Rossman. The Rossman Group" in NYC do it for the $200. https://www.rossmanngroup.com

I have the tool for my consulting business recovering data for customers.

I'm in Studio City, CA. Contact: gameravszero@gmail.com

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I will pay $1k for the Apple Data Migration Tool #076-00236

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I have the tool for my consulting business recovering data for customers.

I'm in Studio City, CA. Contact: gameravszero@gmail.com

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