Dummy Battery Fried Camera during Power Surge

So, i had my dummy battery plugged into this camera which was using a power supply and it suddenly flickered and turned off and wouldnt turn back on. I believe it drew too much power from the dummy battery I was using. It no longer will turn back on even with a new battery. Does anyone know if this is issue is repairable?

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flueckiger first we would need to know what a dummy battery is that you plugged in.

This happened to me too. I had the dummy battery in and plugged my camera into a 20v laptop battery (it works on a 12v). Did you do anything to repair this?

Camera does not turn on with fresh battery, no power.

@oldturkey03 I used a dummy battery with dc power connector to an external lithium ion battery. I didnt read the voltage and put it in the 20v output

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