Power Mac G5 Late 2005는 10월에 소개되었으며 다음 해 8월에 단종되었습니다. 2.0 GHz 듀얼 코어 프로세서, 2.3 GHz 듀얼 코어 모델 번호 A1177, 그리고 2.5 GHz의 듀얼 코어 듀얼 프로세서 (쿼드 코어)의 세 가지 구성 옵션이 있습니다.

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Can't boot on hard drive or CD/DVD - grey/gray screen of death

A few weeks ago my PowerPC G5 Dual Processor Early 2005 running Leopard OS X froze while the screen saver was running. I hard-powered-off the computer --> held down power button for ~10 seconds. When I tried to start up again, I got the "gray/grey screen of death" with the Apple logo. The screen hung there and then fans starting ramping up to full speed with no sign off boot up. I know others have posted similar issues, but I wanted to start a new thread.

Basic Specs:

PowerPC G5 Dual 2.5 Hz (?) Processors

4 Gb memory (recently upgraded form 2 to 4) ***

Bought in early 2005 (I think)

Here's a summary of what I've tried:


- booting up holding down C (for drive) --> straight to kill screen

- booting up from original discs for G5 (from both C mode and Option mode)

- booting up from 10.5 Leopard disc (from both C mode and Option mode)

- booting up holding down Option-Comman-P-R --> straight to kill screen


- connecting to secondary computer using target mode (holding down T) - I can see both of my hard drives

- booting up holding down Option - I can select either my main drive (secondary is not present there but there is no OS on it) or CD/DVD in slot

- booting from Apple Hardware Test (AHT) disk from Option menu

-- I ran disk checks, had errors. I ran Disk Warrior from secondary computer in target mode and repaired the drive, running the AHT test again shows no errors

- ran disk repair from secondary computer to fix errors (using disk utility and disc warrior)


- replaced backup battery on motherboard that was weak at only ~70 mV with fresher battery at ~3.6V

- held down PMU (not SMU) reset button for 30 seconds

- (main fans were cleaned a few weeks before issue)

- two weeks before issue I installed more memory (from 2 Gb to 4 Gb with two new 1 Gb cards)

- backed up data - so I can delete drives if needed


- I'm concerned that under CPU it shows 158950.77 GHz - shouldn't it be showing two CPU?

- the drives look healthy when looking at them in target mode

- issue is occurring between power up and drive selection (since CD/DVD is also not viewable)

- maybe the new memory caused local over heating to the motherboard?

- I may be able to replace the heat sink, but the spare computer I have access to has different looking hardware. It's probably a different model of the G5. My computer has one metal case cover and the extra one has a split case cover.


- I need to back up secondary drive fully first

- pull out new memory sticks

- pull out all memory except originals

- pull out secondary drive


- buy external case for drives and cry about how no one will buy my dead desktop


Because this is a long description, I will post updates in the comments and a final comment here:

(Coming Soon)

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FYI I've been trying a bunch of things from suggestions from the Apple Discussions Forum for those that might be interested. I will update this thread as well if any resolution is reached and I'm checking both locations.

URL: https://discussions.apple.com/message/16...

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I would remove the new memory as a first step. If that fails considering all you've done I would begin to think about a CPU, logic board or power supply failure. Please don't do anything rash until we hear from mayer on this. Good luck.

Here is a link to the ebay G5 parts page


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Thanks for the post. I'm backing up data on my second drive and then I'll play doctor on the computer. I don't think it's the power supply as the computer fires up every time. Although the logic board battery was drained, which may indicate some sort of extra load on the system (or that it's 6.6 years old!).

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I removed the extra memory. No Change.

I tried Shift-start-up. No change.

So I have the log but it's a HUGE text output. I did see the words fatal error mentioned. Should I cut and past the whole thing here??

I'm going to remove some other memory modules to see if maybe they had an issue.

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I am having the same problem - any more info on this situation?

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I haven't had any help or answers and have not fixed the computer. I bought an external drive casing but haven't moved the hard drive yet.

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i have the exact same problem, my one is a Dual Core G5 from 2003 (from what i believe is the date this came from)

and the disc drive Works, i have tried OS 10.4, 10.4.3 and 10.5. ALL to no avail.

i get a light grey screen with the slightly darker grey apple logo in the middle, i have been using a third party hard drive because the previous apple one was buggered, i got a loading logo under the apple logo once, but never again.


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Dami. This question is five years old and the answer accepted so no looks at it. Try posting this as a new question to get the attention you deserve and possible solution.

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