Lens Error Canon Powershot SX170 IS


I have a Canon Powershot sx170 is with lens error. It can only be switched on with the preview button and by clicking on the record button the lens extends. Then the lens error occurs and the camera switches itself off. The lens stays out.

I already have disassembled and cleaned the camera and lens a few times and unfortunately the same error occurs again and again. Hopefully someone can help me here.

Detail troubleshoot:

In this video you can see that the camera can only be switched on via the preview button and the lens only drives out my REC button. Then the lens error message appears.

I took the camera apart again to show you the inside. As mentioned, I've already cleaned the lens and it goes in and out relatively smoothly.

This time I also concentrated on the focus lens, which I had never analyzed before. Is it normal for it to simply fall back into its starting position? Even when I turned the spindle, the lens did not come up. I had to support her with the other hand so that anything moved at all. My suspicion is that the thread is a bit worn. Could that be the cause of the error?

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