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Should I use Windows 2000 or XP for a Pentium 2 MMX 400 MHz?

I have a Pentium 2 MMX 400MHZ.

I went 2000 on the Persario with no regrets(i added memory, which I was going to do anyway)

Now i'm getting a 2nd Compaq, MUCH different

It has a P2 400MHZ MMX, 128MB(from my research on it, will upgrade), 6. something GB HDD

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Stick with Win2K, XP is to heavy for the P2

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Thing is it takes 768MB max

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sure but it is also a processor that determines which OS you could/should be running. After all you are looking at a P2 with 400mhz....just my 2cents:-)

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Looks like I may need to buy a faster P2 to do it

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It is not that it won't work, but what you have to do to make is efficient. First off turn of all the themes and other eye candy and shut down all the unnecessary but "on by default" services and make sure you have sufficient RAM. Now if you are using XP with all the fancy features turned off you'll it will look very similar to Win2K. Why not just install Win2K?

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Software availability for 2K at some point, at some point, 2K will not work with XP software

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