Battery dropping from 100% to 1% and turns off


I bought a iPhone 6S from eBay.

I charged up the phone and replaced the battery because i tought i have some problem with the battery.

So the symptoms:

I charged up the phone with the new battery, and keeps restarting.

When i unplug the charger and trying to turn on, it’s shows the battery sign only, so I have to “charge” the phone.

When the phone is on the charger, it’s show 100% for a second, and drops down to 1% and turns off.

This is have to be one of the IC? Or something else?

Maybe the screen, or the battery is the issue?

I had the same or similar issue with the old battery.

The old battery is a replacement one with 2200mAh capacity, I got the phone like this.

It’s been restored to factory setting via iTunes and updated to the latest IOS.


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did you also buy the battery from eBay?


I ordered from a uk company called RepairOutlet

I bought the AM+ battery for it

Should I try with other battery?

I have replaced with another original battery, and still doing the same thing. From like 34% jumping down to 3% and restarts.

I think one of the IC is, but i'm not sure if the power IC or other.

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