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How can I change my alternator belts?

Replaced the alternator for my '65 Chevy C10, now need to put the belts back on but they don't reach if i just pull them. How can i get the belts on with the least skin off my fingers? It is a 327 V8 and the belts rotate only on the alternator, engine and radiator/water pump.

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Okay, it would help to know what engine size you have and what accessories you have. i.e. power steering etc. Usually all you have to do is loosen bolt 4 and bolt 7 in the diagram , push the alternator toward the engine block, You then take the belt and place it over the corresponding pulleys. I then usually take a hammer handle or a medium claw bar and gently move the alternator on the bracket away from the block until the belt is tight. Tighten bolt 4 and 7 and recheck the slack in the belt. The accessories and the engine size determine the routing and size of the belt. I hope this makes sense and does help you out.

Block Image

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