iPhone won't use HEIC file format, only JPG

I just observed that my iPhone 7 Plus uses HEIC file format for all of my photos, but on my iPhone 8 Plus, it only uses JPG file format. I had already set the camera setting to “High Efficiency” (see photo below)

Block Image

My front camera was replaced already, since the original one was broken. Is this normal on the iPhone 8 Plus or is it because the front camera has already been replaced?

Background: Just bought an iPhone online, the seller said True Tone was not working, and I am planning to fix the phone, but apparently the iPhone have some “hidden” issues. The earpiece speaker is not working, because a flex cable is damaged.

Update: Tried to put the original front camera back and still got the same issue. How can I trigger the HEIC file format on the iPhone 8 Plus?

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do you know if it let you change the setting before?

I tried to change to "Most Compatible" and "High Efficiency", but none of them used the HEIC file format

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