iPhone no power PMIC

I have iPhone 5s and this phone had no power issue. Based on my visual examination, there is no liquid damage or corrosion on the board. So i decided to repair this phone and i do few diode mode and voltage measurements based on youtube video iPad Rehab channel. And this is the results:

C251 PP_VCC_MAIN (input to PMIC) (0.242) output: 3.95v-4.08v-3.95V this is the condition when i plug the charger in, if i unplug the charger, the voltage is stable at 3. Something volt or in it’s battery voltage

C290 PP1V1_CPU (0.115) output: 0.8v-0v-0.8v

C310 PP1V1_GPU (0.188) output: 0.01v-0v

C123 PP1V1_SOC (0.140) output: 1v-0v-1v

C293 PP1V8_SDRAM (0.360) output: 1.8v-0v-1.8v

C308 PP1V2_SDRAM (0.277) output: 1.2v-0v-1.2v

C327 PP1V0_SRAM (0.246) output: 1.0v-0v-1.0v

1V8_ALWAYS (power button signal) output: 0.48v

Based on my voltage measurements, is that the PMIC is bad? Because there is no short to ground and the voltage output is unstable also few lines output voltage is missing and not accurately, when i touch the PMIC itself, it’s quite warm but not too hot. So Pleasee somebody answer my questionn thanks :)

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