Third generation of the North American Odyssey

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How to program buttons to open garage door

The three buttons located on the van to open the garage How do i do it to program to my garage?

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You can find this on here

New Car: Erase previous codes by pressing and holding two outside buttons for 20 s until red light flashes. Release buttons, proceed to step 1.

1. Unplug garage door opener from house current. 2. Hold garage door opener remote control 2 - 5 in from HomeLink keeping red light in view. 3. Select Homelink button you want to train. 4. Press and hold the button on the remote control and the button on the HomeLink at the same time and keep holding both buttons down. Canadian owners may have to press and release the remote unit every 2 seconds to keep the remote transmitting. 5. The red light on the HomeLink will begin flashing, slowly at first then rapidly. 6. When the red light flashes rapidly, release both buttons. 7. Plug in the garage door motor and test the the HomeLink transmitter by holding down the button you programmed. The door should operate. If it does not, then you may have a variable or rolling code garage door opener. Test this by holding the HomeLink transmitter button you just trained. If the red light blinks for two s then stays on, lucky you, you have a rolling code garage door opener. Not to worry, see below for Plan B! 8. Repeat the steps to train the other buttons on the HomeLink.


1. Complete steps 1-8 above first. 2. Find the 'Training Button' on the garage door opener unit. This may be on the back of the motor, or some units may allow training to be initiated from the wired remote unit in the garage itself. 3. Press and hold the training button on the garage door opener unit (or equivalent action as per the opener instructions). The light may blink or come on and stay on. You now have 30 s or so to press and hold the HomeLink button for 3-4 s (the very same button you trained above in steps 1-8) This should result in a signal of some sort from the garage door opener unit...the training light could turn off, the light on the opener could blink, etc. You may have to press the HomeLink button 3 or 4 times for the unit to recognize the HomeLink system. 4. Press the Homelink button again, the garage door system should operate!

Reference: 2002 Honda Odyssey Owner's Manual,, LiftMaster Professional Garage Door Opener Manual

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have 1999 acura cl . New craftsman opener YELLOW ant wire .. Treid everything NO HOMELINK PHONE ##

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Just trained the HomeLink button in my 2000 Honda Accord for the garage door opener using these instructions. Had to resort to 'Plan B', but it worked like a charm. Thanks oldturkey03!!

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