iPad Air 3 Home button stuck in pressed position after screen install

I have replaced a cracked screen on the iPad Air 3 and after screen install the home button is stuck in a pressed position, it wont click. So I go ahead and take the screen off and it clicks fine and works 100%, but the second I put it back down, it wont click anymore, I checked the alignment multiple times, I took off the home button and reinstalled it multiple times and every time I put the screen back down the button is automatically pressed down, what am I doing wrong? This was supposed to be an easy repair but got really complicated. Please help me out!

Update: I found this white ring around the home button hole, am I supposed to remove this because the old screen doesn’t seem to have it, I’m assuming that’s adhesive under the white ring?

Update 2: Wow that was the issue, I didn’t realize the white ring around the home button was an adhesive cover I was supposed to remove, it works fine now…..

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