Help! my ps3 super slim rsx overheating!

i have dissembled it and cleaned it and cleaned the psu and the fan even changed the both of them and applied new thermal paste but my rsx still goes to 75°c to 80°c after 1 minute i power it on , have tried also removing it's covers and even added a big cooling fan under it but no luck it still goes to 80°c without playing but in game it goes to 85-88°c , help me please and thaanks !

Block Image

Block Image

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There is a chance that one of the fans are dead, if you can try replacing them and see how that turns out. Or you may have to much stuff on it overloading its RAM.

@Zoey Young already replaced the fan with a new one but no luck my friend and they are too much loud my mom said we've got an airport here

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