Lost 2 screws from the front panel assembly bracket(1.7 mm)

Lost 1 of the 1.7mm screws during disassembly for battery replacement and the other during assembly! (Step17)

I hear rattling when I tap that end of phone. What do I need to remove to retrieve the 2 screws? This is my 1st repair. Thanks in advance!

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Where have you lost it ? Is it inside the phone ?

I believe they are in the phone in the area where I was removing the cover in step 17, as there is where the rattling sound seems to be originating. I removed the rear camera but no screws.

I don’t really see where the could have got into an ‘inaccessible’ space, but those screws are tiny!

Used 1 of the 2 battery cover screws in place of the non-magnetized 1.7mm screws and reassembled. All working good now! Thank you Ifixit and community!!! Apparently lost the 2 1.7mm screws outside the phone case, no rattling.

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