iPhone 4 mute switch doesn't work (doesn't ring, only vibrates)

Greetings All! Wonder if you can help me figure out this problem.

My I phone 4 doesn't ring. Only vibrates.

The silent switch doesn't work at all.

I'm able to hear music w/ and w/o headphones.

As for the games, (everything is good when I use the head phones) But without the head phones only the theme video works and the actually game has no sound.

The only thing I can think about is:

1. restoring the phone

2. replacing the whole headphone jack/volume button/ silent switch piece.

Anybody heard of this problem?

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have you tried cleaning the headphone port?

Yea, just tried. I Don't think it's something blocking the sound. The silent switch doesn't do/show anything , when you toggle it off and on.

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