Jbl Flip 5 conects but dosent make a sound


So before you ask, no my jbl flip 5 Is working in generall, its just not in the way i want it to.

So i got my self a Bluetooth transmitter for my pc, to conect my jbl flip 5 while gaming from my bed, problem is, it isnt working.

So i did try another bluetooth speaker (jbl clip from a friend) which did work with the bluetooth transmiterr on the same pc

And my flip 5 works fine when conected to my phone for example

So why dose the combination of transmitter and flip 5 not work?

(Pc recognizes the flip 5 in the same way it does the clip 3, and when i hit the test button under audiodevice manager it shows a visual indication of a sound beeing playd, but no sound can be heard)

Thanks in advance

Update (07.06.2021)

Edit: the transmitter is a ZF-169 Plus

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