iPod will show sad folder then it will show the sad iPod?

I’m flash modding my iPod and when I turn it on the sad floder will appear (as expected) and it will try to connect to my computer, but once it does, it will turn off and then on again (disconnecting) and the sad iPod shows up until I unplug and then plug the battery back in. After that it just does everything over again.

Disk mode also does the same thing and I’ve also tired to connect it with the old hard drive in and it does the same thing.

I’ve also checked the port and the battery in debug but nothing there seems broken. I’ve also tried different sd card sizes (2, 64, and 128) and formatted them to FAT32 and they all have the same results.

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Alex Busch did it work with the HDD before you tried your conversion? Checked the HDD cable?

@oldturkey03 I did and It didn't, and the cable looks ok.

@Alex Busch "I did and It didn't" ;-) wondering if you have a bum HDD and some conversion issues.

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