Vertical Lines on a black screen

Hi, I have been having this issue intermittently for the past few weeks. I go to turn on my tv and all I am met with is a black screen that turns into vertical red lines. In the past, I was able to unplug the tv and fix the problem. But today it no longer works. I have attached a video of what the TV does.

It looks like it is still responsive to the remote I can still hear the clicking with I try to move the Roku cursor around the screen and the red lines move when I move around the screen. Is there any way to fix this?

Also here is the back of the tv with the model number and info.

Block Image


The TV is back up and running. But it would be great to see if I can replace anything in the TV so this doesn’t keep happening.

[EDIT 2 ]

The TV is no longer working. I had to buy a new TV. But if there is something I can replace to get it working I would still love to know. Thanks

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Try replacing the T-Con board.

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