Fire TV Stick Not Responding to Remote & No Wi-Fi

I have a 2nd gen FireTV stick. I accidentally turned off Wi-Fi in my File Explorer app and it froze. I rebooted the stick and now I’m stuck on the screen that says “Home is Currently Unavailable”. I tried using the remote, it wouldn’t respond. Changing the batteries did not work. I used a friend’s remote, nothing. I tried using a remote on a TV with HDMI CEC and that didn’t work. Can’t use the app cause the stick is not connected to Wi-Fi. I can’t even authorize ADB debugging using my computer cause nothing will respond on the screen. It says “device unauthorized”. All the answers I found are very vague. Is there any way to fix this problem?

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Can you try to connect it via Ethernet by using

@andrewsawesome I bought the Ethernet Adapter, and its connected, now I just need to get the remote working but resetting it doesn’t work.

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