New battery does not charge, phone does not turn on - RESOLVED

I’ve just gone through the battery replacement guide for my Pixel 3a. I believe I have connected all the cables properly and in the order instructed, but the phone will not respond to the power button and of course there is no display. I went back in and re-seated the connections to make sure they were solid, and they are… still nothing. Is this a bad battery? I have it connected to my mobile charger and the charger lights normally come on when it’s charging something, but those lights are dead when plugged into my phone (and the lights turn on when plugged into my work phone - so my charger works fine).

Is there anything I should do or look for? Do I ask for a new battery? Thanks for the help!

Update (08/30/2021)

Right - so I somehow put the interconnect cable in backwards. It seemed pretty secure for being in the wrong way! Fixed that, and tested with my mobile charger - it was able to charge the battery. Plugged the screen in, and had the black screen issue that others have had, so I followed the advice on this site to reboot the phone and it worked! Hope this lesson helps someone.

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