No display, RTD2136R getting hot on the motherboard

Asus X750L

After I replaced my PCIe networking card, the display stopped working.
The laptop still booted, but the display didn’t show anything, not even the backlight.

I opened it up again and recorded it with a thermal camera, which showed that the chip called `RTD2136R` at the top of the motherboard (next to the LDVS connector was over 80°C). That chip is used for LDVS translation, so it makes sense that the screen isn’t working if the chip is broken.

I wondered what the best approach to testing other components would be before I order a chip that won’t be of use.
I can’t see any visible damage on the board, and I cleaned around the beforementioned chip using IPA, but to no avail.

Any suggestions on what I could try and test will be much appreciated.

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@mglolenstine what happens when you remove the new network card? Anytime you have an error after installing a new card/device you want to double-check your work and pull the new card to see if it may be the cause for this.

I've disconnected everything that I could except power, and the problem persists.

It makes no difference if I insert either of the PCIe cards or not.

I have checked the capacitors around the chip for shorts, and a lot of them were.

After removing the chip, the shorts were gone, so I'm assuming that the chip was faulty, and I've ordered a replacement.

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