How to fix my phone when everything seems ok except for the charging.?


I dropped my phone the other day. I just got this phone on august 2021. When it dropped, it drop flat on the floor. I checked the camera, touchscreen and screen. Everything looks good. No cracks or anything. However, when i tried to charge it last night using fast charger wired, it was charging too slow. I charged it when it was at 14% but after 30 mins, it was only at 19%. I then tried wireless and it seems a little faster? But still very slow compared to before. Now i just remove the case of the phone and shook it. I hear something when it gets shaken. How do i open the back of the phone? Im guessing something got loose?

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J Jane not easy getting it open. Even so its not a guide, the teardown shows you how to open it Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown

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