When power on - only battery logo showes

So, Just was given an NX1 that seems to have about 3/4 battery charge on it.
When you move the power switch from off, to on - it just displays the battery life - and nothing else happens. No display or anything.
When you plug it in, the activity light flashes and the mini display states that the battery is charging.

Any suggestions? I can not get into the menu for a firmware update or such.

I have cleaned the battery terminals and reseated the battery. I am confident it is seated well - but will polish the pads with a fiberglass pen, when I can find in in the next hour or so.

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Polished up the battery contacts, Still the same. Can anyone confirm if this model has some sort of a battery cover switch/sensor to see if it is open or closed? Putting it into a mode similar to this?

well, dissasembled the power switch - pretty small guy. Cleaned it out. No change. Some times the screen backlight will come on, but that is it

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