think I may have nixed the daughter board!

Okay, I was changing the power LED on my GameCube - it’d burnt out and was annoying me. Anyhow, being a colossal moron, I picked up my 5v LED pack instead of my 1.5v pack and installed a 5v without thinking.

The LED flashed on and died in less than a second (understandable) but, having removed and replaced the 5v, the GC won’t power on.

I powered up using the DOL-002(UKV) power supply originally supplied with the GC so I know it works (or was) and is the right PSU for my area. So far, my thoughts are that I’ve either nixed the daughter board, the main board or the power switch board - any suggestions or help appreciated!

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Hundred Trees Plant Nursery replacing a 1.5V LED with a 5V LED will not be the cause of that. The 5V should have easily handled the 1.5 V. There is definitely something else going on unless you replaced a 5V LED with a 1.5LED

Don't have to be an idiot to do that. Happens to all of us ;-)

Thank you oldturkey03, I feel a bit better now. Not sure what the problem causer is though - as soon as the light fizzled out it just died. I've got a multimeter being delivered so I'll check it over with that, see if there's any juice getting through :)

Hundred Trees Plant Nursery Reply awesome. Let us know what you find out and hopefully we can resolve this together.

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