Blink 2 times and don't power on

I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro with broken LCD, I tried to replace it but I followed a bad tutorial and I have done an useless action and I broken the cable of power button and vol up and down, I replaced it and I tested with multimeter and works, but when I try to power on the device, blink 2 times and don’t start.

I tested with multimeter if there is a short on battery connector, but it’s ok, no short. I replaced LCD, but always the same problem. I tried to dismount main camera but don’t start.

Battery is good 4.09V, if I try to charge, blink every second but don’t start animation on LCD. I tried to remove cable of power button/vol up/vol down and charge the device, on LCD no animation.

Suggestions for solve my problem?

Thank you very much

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