Only fan is working and light turns on for .5 seconds then turns off

So here is the thing, so I got an old Gamecube from one of my friends when she had when she was a kid. I had to buy a composite cable when I realized she didn´t give me one. Then when I powered it on, nothing happened. The LED light to indicate that the system was on, turned on for half a second then turned off. The disc wasn´t spinning but the fan was working. I looked all over the internet and did not find anything of this specific problem. So if you are a hardware geek and/or a big fan of the Gamecube, please kindly find a solution. It will really make my day as I have a lot of gameboy games on standby for play on the big screen. Thank You!

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I just realized the problem. It is the internal power supply not generating enough power to actually run the gamecube.

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