Jbl xtreme 2 won't charge and won't connect to BT

My jbl xtreme 2 was doing OK and stopped working one morning. I had it plugged up for about 3 or 4 days figured it would be fine with over charge protection. But one day I unplugged it and it turned straight off and it wouldn't turn on. So I plug it back up and it turns on… but the volume up n down doesn't work , the BT doesn't work the pairing to other speakers won't work.. basically all the top buttons won't function.. the battery light blinks one light. And the speaker only works with aux cable connection that's it. But the volume on the speaker itself doesn't work even when running aux.. so the TV only can change the volume. Iv tried reseting it still no fix…. So I'm wondering is it the main logic/mother board or is it the charging board that went bad?? The battery seems OK but who knows… I can get spare parts off ebay ect if need be. Anyone else had this prob before??

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