Vornado Velocity 3 heater buzzes and turns off after a few seconds

I have a Vornado Velocity 3 space heater. It used to work fine without any issues. One day it shut off and whenever I went to turn it back on it would buzz for a few seconds then make a clicking noise and turn off. I left it alone for a while and then came back to it and it worked like normal again for a while, but eventually it happened again and the heater stopped working. Now it’s been a few days and it won’t work at all. It will turn on, but it will only buzz for a few seconds and then stop working. I’ve tried unplugging it for more than fifteen minutes, and then plugging it back in. I’ve tried all combination of heater settings. I’ve dusted it thoroughly with compressed air and it looks clean internally. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Update (03/26/22)

So I opened it up and realized the fan motor wasn't spinning when the device was turned on (it should spin straight away when it's on and heating). I then noticed that the fan motor was in a stuck position because it had slid down the assembly. I slid it back into position and tested it again and the fan worked immediately. I applied some lubricant to the area around the motor and now the fan spins when it turns on, and it blows out heat, but after about 10 seconds the system will stop working (both heat and fan) although it is still on. Any suggestions? I'm thinking the fan motor got jammed while it was in use, the device overheated and an internal component got damaged from the heat, and now it fully fails after a few seconds of use. Thanks!

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