smokey smell with slow start

My Maytag dryer was slow on the start and had a smokey smell and then would run normally. I took it part the belt was cracked and falling a part . I replaced the belt tried the dryer and was still slow on the start but had a smokey smell still.

Took it back part everything felt fine

Can any one help me?

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I don't know the model number, but what does the smokey smell smell like? Like electrical components? Have you checked the capacitor for the motor?

Can you upload pictures of any circuit boards inside the washer? 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

Are you cleaning the lint filter before using the dryer? Electric dryers use heating elements with airflow to dry laundry. Failure to remove lint from the filter may allow lint to enter ducting to the heating element and burn. This can result in smoke and fire. When replacing the drive belt, did you check for built up lint in the ducting to and from the heating element? If the lint filter is cleaned, can you try running the dryer on the no heat setting to see if the burned odor goes away? Can you remove the drive belt and run the dryer to see if the motor runs slow?

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