1.86GHz or 2.13GHz Processor, 128GB or 256GB Flash Storage

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What type of connector the ssd has?


I managed to screw up the format of my A1369's SSD, and now the logic board doesn't recognize it at all. The disk doesn't show up in the disk utility. So, I need to access the ssd via some USB adapter, in order to reformat it. But I don't know what kind of adapter I should look for and buy.

Does anybody know which kind of connector this Toshiba THNSNC064GMDJ has? Is it a micro-SATA? Or is is something different?

Otherwise, does anybody know how can I access and format the drive?

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You can see the SSD connector on the last step of this guide. I am not sure if it is a micro-SATA connector or if it is something Apple made specifically for the MacBook Air.

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Thanks, Matt.

Well, I've already disassembled the drive, so I can see the connector with my own eyes, but still I don't know what connector type it is, so that I can try to buy an adapter for it. It certainly looks like a micro-SATA, but it might not be. After a lot of googling, I haven't found any conclusive information. That's why I'm asking here. I wouldn't like to waste my money in an adapter that might to turn out useless.

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It's an Apple proprietary connector so you have to go to Apple for an adapter so that it can convert to Sata or USB.

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