Replacement battery won't charge, previously working

Basically, replaced a switch lite battery and it was working fine for a few days. Had to open and change out some other parts twice, now it won't charge up, tested with 2 official chargers.

Left it on charge overnight from 30%, it was then on 2%, so didn't run flat but discharged still. When the charger is plugged in, the screen comes on and gives the low battery icon in the corner to say it's charging, but it will never get enough charge in it to power on fully.

Everything is reassembled fine, nothing looks off on the board. Since it was working, Its had the gamecard reader replaced and both analogue sticks replaced, so the whole things been disassembled and reassembled. I'm assuming it's a faulty battery that only lasted a single charge cycle, but is there anything else it's likely to be before I get another one in?

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@chubzilla100 Can update your post with what parts you replaced, this could help to figure out the problem. :D

@eke0909 since it was working, it's had the gamecard reader replaced and both joysticks replaced, I've updated the post it make that clearer 😊

@chubzilla100 what was your reason for changing the battery

@tech_ni Unit was purchased faulty as wouldn't power on or take charge. Did some testing and purchased a replacement, and that solved the issue of it not turning on/charging. It then had separate issues of fault with the game card reader and stick drift, and after changing those the unit stopped taking a charge, but the screen now powers on when plugged in which it didn't with the old battery

@chubzilla100 "Did some testing and purchased a replacement," how and what did you test? The issue may not be the battery but the charging circuitry.

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