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How to set Camera AE/AF lock on a distant object?

With iOS5.0.1 The Camera AutoExposure/AutoFocus can be locked by holding your finger on the AE/AF square in the image till the lock is set.

Is there any way to set AE/AF Lock on the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 camera on something in the distance beyond a chain link netting closer to me?

Imagine trying to focus on something on the other side of a chain link fence?

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I moved up from using fixed focus helmet cams such as my Contour HD 1080p and my friends GoPro helmet cams to using my iPhone 4S and my iPad 2 to video youth hockey games with puck smears on the plexiglass and rather heavy fishnet mesh above the plexiglass that is used to keep the puck in the rink.

I have been using the pre game warm up time to look in through the glass at a player entrance door to focus on the distant goal and lock the AE/AF.

I had hoped that there was some way of locking the auto focus into what would mimic a fixed focus Helmet Cam.

Is this fixed focus setting available on any of the alternative cameras available such as Camera+, Top Camera, or others?

Looks like I get to buy what cameras there are to research this some more.

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This is a problem for all auto focus devices for distant objects. The only work around is to not have the close object in the scene, select your image then step back to the scene you originally wanted. So if there is a chain link fence you'd need to step forward so your camera looks between the links, focus and hold, then step back.

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Or in my case i have a camera with manual focus, so I use that

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