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Repair and disassembly information for Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

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ANC mic in right ear gives off high-pitched whining that is deafening.

The only thing to remedy the god awful sound is to turn off the active noise cancelling via the Headphones app. Is there a manual on how to fix this?

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I also have this problem. I assume somehow water got in the sensor. Only answer I get from Sony is to take it in for repair.

I repair this loud distortion at my shop on Long Island.


I just realized that the high pitched sound only occurs when something gets in the way of the proximity sensor on the left

Ok, to add clues to this mistery, I noticed there was a layer of what it seemed to be ear wax in the microphone that's on top of the speaker.

Here is the interesting part: the more wax I remove the less I get the high pitch noise. Today I used them for a couple of hours before getting the noise, which was impossible before, and when I got it I think it was not as loud.

I'll try to finish cleaning them and report back.

@ingenierosantamaria that is likely dielectric grease that you are removing.

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Fixed. This issue is caused by a feedback loop creates from the glue on the mic heating up due to body heat and melting and creating an area inside the headset where feedback occurs.

This will fix it.

  1. Gently take off the headphone cup (I used a credit card to wedge it open all around the cup)
  2. Remove the foam protector
  3. With tweezers carefully remove the white plastic mic protector being careful not to rip it. It will come off but takes a little doing to come loose so with it from all sides
  4. With tweezers carefully lift out the mic, a round 3mm metallic mix with a glued on circular fabric protector
  5. Remove that piece of fabric with tweezers and discard it. It’s not needed
  6. With alcohol wipe and clean the area. I dipped a piece of Bounty in vodka. Not too wet, just enough to clean it. Make sure ask the glue is gone
  7. Before putting the mic and white cap back make sure the two copper wires going into the mic are not touching. You can separate them with a toothpick if they are
  8. Put everything back together and your problem is going to be fixed

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Excuse typos in my reply

This did help! Would it be better to do the same for the other side of the headphone as well?

Hello David! I have a question. The solution that you suggested has lasted long on your headphones? Or they’ve had trouble ever since you posted the solution for the noise problem? Thank you :)

What about submerging the microphone in isopropyl Alcohol and letting it dry would that be sufficient?

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I may have found the solution to my headphones making this high pitch noise.

I've undergone quite a few replacements in my hunt to track down the problem component. I have replaced the internal feedback microphone with an OEM microphone. In the process, I accidentally broke the headband and replaced that. However, the feedback persisted.

In the teardown process, I accidentally damaged the right ear diver and replaced it. During this repair, I also replaced the internal feedback microphone with these replacements https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LZV1ERG. Unfortunately, they were quite difficult to solder to the wires, and when successfully connect produced a VERY strong noise canceling effect that was very uneven from the undamaged left mic/driver.

The last microphone I tried in place of the original microphone was a gutted external feedback microphone.

Block Image

With a crafting knife, I scored and removed the rubber. Do pay special attention to the positive and negative terminals, since they are not marked on the microphone itself. I soldered this microphone in place of the original, taking care not to expose the replacement to too much heat. I then reset the XM4s to factory settings and recalibrated the noise canceling.

Since replacing my internal microphone with this one I have not experienced the intense feedback. This is with typical use over the course of two weeks. The feedback would be exacerbated when the headphones were left out in cold humid rooms, when left charging overnight, or when the earpiece was left "half-off" my ear. In all circumstances that would typically produce feedback, I am longer getting any!!

Do note that this is technically a modification of two variables - a replacement of the driver and a replacement of the microphone. Though, hopefully others can provide their feedback and experiences.

Update (06/14/2023): Replacing the internal microphone with the gutted external feedback microphone has stilled worked!

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@andrewjfiore when you say that the Amazon variants produced a strong noise cancelling effect, do you mean better than the OEM ANC microphone? If one were to replace both the left and right would that provide a balanced and improved experience? Also was the soldering difficulty due to the size or some other factor?

@objecttothis The experience was worse, it severely limited the volume of the audio through the headphones. It was also difficult to solder to because they appear to be surface mount components; after breaking the legs it was difficult to get the solder to stick to the pads even after some shaving/filing.

@andrewjfiore Thank you for the added information. I really wish the government would pass anti-R2R legislation to force Sony, et. al. to make components available to people. Spending 60-100USD for someone's broken pair of XM4's online is not a cost effective way of repairing this. That said, I wonder if the problem with the Amazon part is that it's picking up too much and if adding a resistor would reduce how much it picked up and therefore reduced its ANC effect. If that were true then soldering an inline variable resistor would be a good way of finding a sweet spot. If they weren't so difficult to solder, I would be tempted to give it a go.

Can you be more specific about what you have done? Do you no have any external mic now? And which mic did you replace it with? How does the end result look like?

@יקיר עוז I bought a second right ear cup unit from eBay so I was able to replace my internal microphone while maintaining the external microphone. The end result looks the same as the original product externally, but there is some superglue to replace a rubber plug that holds the microphone.

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As far as I know the only way this is fixed is by ether reseating the microphone or replacing it

The Sound is is usually y caused by the microphone picking the frequencies up incorrectly

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hi there!

Thanks for the reply, so just after posting this I went through Sony support and they offered me an exchange for a new unit. So I guess my problem is fixed!

@Emanuel Mehari

That’s great to hear!

(No pun intended)

I with you the best with your new headphones

If there’s anything else I can help with just let me know


Can you provide me some guidance with how to get help from sony support? I'm trying to look up how to contact them but I'm just getting redirected to links that don't seem to help.

@Kenny Nguyen


here's link to where you can get some help

if you need any help with it please let me know:-)

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I had this issue too and of course it started immediately after 1 yr warranty. I tried all the usual without success and as a last ditch attempt replaced the earpads with wicked cushion brand ones (fake leather ones not the fleece) and so far so good. I cannot explain exactly why, I had taken them apart previously and reinstalled old earpads and that did nothing to help. Potentially extra sound leaking because my old ear pads are super well worn because I use my headphones several hours a day and the new ones are tight. Keeping fingers crossed the magic continues.

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Is it still working?

I think you might be right, this problem started for me after taking out the pads to clean them.

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In my case, the mic had actually fallen out of it's mount under the right earcup, as seen in the photo, where the plastic piece that holds the mic in place has also fallen off. In my case, this lack of plastic piece has allowed the mount for the mic to pierce through the foam, but so far, it doesn't seem like this has caused any problems.

Block Image

Follow the iFixit guide to remove the earcup, and then peel the foam back to check that the mic is still in it's mount and secured down with the plastic piece. If your foam is torn, make sure you remove any loose bits of foam. For comparison, my left earcup looks like this, with the mic secured into place (it should sit vertically in the mount).

Block Image

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This is not the issue with my WH-1000MX4. The Right ear-cup ANC mic is in place, but still causing a feedback loop.

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I repair this loud distortion at my shop on Long Island.


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This is caused by the ANC microphone located in the ear cup of the side emitting the loud noise. It's a feedback loop. It's likely moisture causing the issue. Blowing hard on the ear cup can cause the problem to go away but it's temporary. Anyone have a parts source for the ANC microphone in the ear cup?

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I replaced both ANC microphones with no improvement.

@andrewjfiore did you use OEM or aftermarket replacement microphones? Can you share where you got the replacements? I've been tempted to pick up a broken set of XM4's and use the microphones, but I think the issue is a design flaw, so no guarantee the donor microphones won't have the same issue.

@objecttothis To my knowledge I used OEM parts that were torn down from an XM4. These parts were sold on eBay.

@andrewjfiore That either means it's not the ANC mic or the used OEM ANC mic's you were sent had the same issue. I don't know whether the left and right ANC earcup mics are the same part, but one way to determine if it's the mic is to swap them and see if the problem migrates to the opposite ear cup.

According to the Sony Service manual "It is not possible for replacement of left and right front plate portion, or replacement of electret cap microphone only. When the left and right front plate portion or electret cap microphone is defective, replace with the SV headphones assy (EXPLODED VIEWS: Ref. No. HPN1) including them." To translate that, Sony anti-repair tactics mean they won't sell you the microphone to replace it. I measured the microphone at 6mm diameter and 2.25mm thick. The housing looks like it will take one as thick as 2.4mm though. I'm tempted to give these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LZV1ERG a try, because the dimensions look correct, but it's unclear if the specs match the OEM microphones.

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