iPhone 4 water damage no power ,swapped all parts with good ones

hello dear tech ,its a Water damaged iphone (been in water for 30 seconds) wont turn on !!no power!!

cleaned all contacts with 70% alcohol (dropped the whole pcb in it) then rice,HERE some PHOTOS!!

i mounted the pcb into a full working iphone 4 case (just swapped the board with this one ) computer detects usb and then error ,cannot install the driver !!!

ALSO have noticed a bad contact on the lcd connector

what should i check first?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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are those marks at the side of the pmic has any effect what so ever?

heatgun+alcohol 70% applied =still nothin'

7Gnosis, may be it's my bad eyes, but could you mark your "bad connector on the pictures?


terribly sorry for the low quality photo ..will try to upload cleared ones..


i would say those 2 legs

but ,it still does not pwoer on ,there was lots of debris before that ,which have been removes smoodly,after dryin it ,its still wont turn on ,everythign else looks ok ,

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