My TCL model 43S425 screen has been shifting like this.

It has been doing this after long periods of use and sometimes doesn't stop after days of waiting. I've noticed whenever it is starting up or restarting it completely fixes itself but as soon as it starts it starts to do it again.

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Have you tried to disconnect any non essential cables to it?

And would also say to disable the auto refresh rate setting, and possibly to run it at a lower resolution to see if it goes away.

If it isn't a software issue, I would say the T-Con board would be my #1 suspect

@andrewsawesome And is there even a point to try to fix it if it's the board?

@Lakota Free I would replace the board. Can you take the back off the TV and upload pictures of the circuit boards inside? 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

A T-Con board is responsible for generating the horizontal and vertical timing panel signals as well as providing panel bias and enabling signals. It controls the logic signal of gate and serves as a source for driving the thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD).

What looks like is happening is the vertical and horizontal signals are non-linear which is enlarging the display on the right side. You might open it up and find a bad capacitor on one of the boards. That would be a cheap and easy fix.

You might try changing the aspect ratio. That may give more clues of the problem.

So, it is very possible it is the T-Con board. HOWEVER, there is a lot of signal sharing in a TV and a signal the t-con board needs might be coming from the main board. So, it somewhat of a crap shoot. Maybe you can just put a book under one side of the TV

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