Why won't my iPhone 4 restore?

please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL HAVE BEEN TRIED cydia tiny umbrella


hosts file

just name it !!! this is my job , i have managed to restore hudrends of iphones

but not this one !!!!! anyone has any idea why?

looping from 3194 to 1013

and then i get with error 14 even after removing the download from apple software update

what is wrong here ?

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Can you give us a bit more detail? It's kind of hard to follow what has happened or what is going on. What was the phone's original OS when it was operating last? What happened to cause this? Do regular hard resets not work? Does the computer recognize the phone?

Gnosis already has this question being answered... Please delete and stick to original one so we don't double up with same advice.

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