LCD is not starting (LCD is black while MacBook Pro is on)?

So the situation is, i have shut off LCD using Fn button and when closed LCD so my mac went to sleep. After work when i opened LCD it just have not waked up. I tryed using Fn to add brightness but nothing hapend. Shut if off and on but still LCD is black even thou macbook pro is responding on comands to add or decrese volume, add or decrease keyboard light and i can clearly hear and feel hdd and fans working.

Have been looking for reason and solution of this problem everywhere and have found that it might be the "LCD inverter" problem or Logic board... since A1226 model doesnt have inverter could it be LED backlight?

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I am not hearing you say anything about what the sleep/power LED is doing or if it is chiming. I would start by resetting the SMC and PRAM, this may fix the problem. Instructions for that click here and click here. If it is not chiming it is most likely a RAM issue. I would also test your RAM slots by attempting to power up with one populated and the other empty, and then with the other populated and the other empty.

If it is chiming I would still reset the SMC & PRAM to see if that resolves the problem, if it doesn't follow what Richdave is saying.

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+1 good point there ABC :)

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Connecting external monitor doesnt hepls, because its not responding on startup. it says no signal. So i dont know what to think about. No light at all...

How can reseting SMC and RAM help turning LCD on?! mac is runnig ok - hear startup sounds, hdd workind, fans working, responding to some keyboard comands, LCD is off - thats the problem. Well it didnt helped anyway.

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Try connecting an external monitor if you can - that will tell you if there is a VGA issue or LCD issue as a start.

Also look very carefully at the screen - is there a faint image on it at all? Hold a torch right against the screen and see if it illuminates anything on the screen. If there is any image but the screen is dark that would suggest a back light issue.

Post back results for additional advice

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