Windows 10 gives out sound of USB connecting & disconnecting

Hello I am facing the same problem. Semi-responsive keyboard and unresponsive track pad

Did you find a solution to it ? When I installed Windows 10 on my MacBook it constantly gives out sound of USB connecting and disconnecting. And the use F1 F2 keys message is constantly flashing like in your video. Can you tell me if you have been able to fix this issue?

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Lori - This sounds like a keyboard issue than a logic board issue How about running the onboard diagnostics by restarting your system and pressing the D key.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

Why are you running Windows here? It would be smarter to run macOS and then use BootCamp or some other VM service to run Windows.

I once had this problem in macOS (Fn keys message flashing) and my keyboard was laggy. I found out the flat cable connecting the keyboard to the logic board was damaged, replaced it, and the problem was gone. Since you're on Windows, you could check the Device Manager when you hear those sounds to see if you can detect which device is being connected/disconnected.

Do you have the proper boot camp drivers installed?

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