Phone won't turn on. PMI632 Stencil size

So fast story. I had an exam in school and had turned my phone off to be sure it doesn't make any sound. Later, when I tried to turn it back on, it turned out to be dead. What have I tried to make it work:

  • Left for days to drain battery. Still won't turn on.
  • Re-attached battery tape. Nothing
  • About week later when i plug it to charger a sign "POCO" is showing , battery is charging but still it doesn't wont turn on.
  • I had Reflowed it , but no effects.
  • My plan now is to buy brand new PMIC but i don't know how big stencil should i buy to reball it. Does someone know? Or maybe there is other option to fix it?
    Wish you good day.

PS - battery is ok, 3.78V

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