Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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All Files Missing, Still Have Menu Options, Won't Sync

IPod Classic has worked great for 3.5 years. All of a sudden it wouldn't sync and all the files (podcasts, music, videos) are all gone and showing only the standard Apple menu options. When I attempt to sync now with iTunes it locks iTunes up with no way of exiting without doing a hard reboot of the computer. iTunes also shows no indication that the iPod is connected. I have done the reset procedure a few times and attempted to put it in disc mode as well. So far no red X indicating a hard drive failure. Any ideas?

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Jim, it does sound like a logic board issue more than a HDD issue. Try to see if you can get in the Diagnostics Mode and see what you get. Of course make sure that your dock connector is clean, that you have no corroded or bend/broken pins. I would also invest in a USB to ZIF adapter to check on the Hard drive. I have had plenty of iPod classic's with a bad hard drive without the red X....Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you “oldturkey03” for such a quick response! You’re thinking the logic board more so than the HDD because I can still turn it on and see the iPod menus? I was able to get into Diagnostic Mode but wasn’t sure what to look for, any suggestions? I’m sure the dock connector is OK mainly because others in my family can still sync their iPods with no problem. Sounds like if it is the logic board that I’m looking at least $100 (if they were in stock) and probably a new battery while I’m at it. Thanks again…your information was VERY HELPFUL!

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Hey Jim, here is the link to a great explanation of the diagnostic menu. Logic board can be had for around $40 and HDD for about the same. Just take a look at the bottom of your iPod (where you plug the cable in) and see if any of those pins show any damage/corrosion etc. Let me know if you need some further help with it.

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Thanks again for all the information! I will try to summerize what I found out based on the new information you provided.

* Pins look good, I also can plug in just a charger (to an outlet) and it charges the iPod

* I tried to play Klondike and it pops up the Apple logo and resets itself.

* On the HD diagnostic I can only run two tests, not four according to the link. The HDRW would be the best test but itsn't available on my 12/18/07 Diagnostic version. The HDSMARTDATA shows: Retracts: 22, Reallocs: 0, Pending Sectors: 3, PowerOn Hours: 183

* The SRAMTEST, IRAMTEST says "Memory walking bit test. Test Pass!!

* The SDRAMFULLTEST says "Plug in FW to start, no power supply"

* Slight change from my first note. When I plug the iPod into the computer for iTunes it does lock up iTunes but when I unplug the iPod iTunes becomes functional again.

Thank you again for all your input!


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Can you disable itunes from automatically starting up when you plug your ipod in, and make hidden files visible? (I am not sure what computer OS you have) That would enable you to see your iPod when you plug it in as a USB drive. Try to reformat and see what you get. It does sound like a bad logic board.....

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Thanks for your help. Last week I went to the Apple store just to get their ideas and most of them couldn't talk too much about the technical side. One salesman told me that 3.5 years is a little early for failure but something like this would have happened in the next year or so anyway. Didn't give me too much confidence in Apple products! They would allow me to trade in my old 80gb Classic for a new 120gb Classic plus $125. That didn't sound too bad but unfortunately I started playing around with an iPod Touch and I think I like those better!

Thanks again for all your help!


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i have reset my iPod classic, and lost all my music, i want restore back my missing music and photos. kindly help

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