iMac 2 faulty RAM slots?


After internal cleaning, Panasonic BR2032 battery replaced, and Thermal Paste replaced in CPU and GPU, and Thermal Pads replaced in VRAM, when I press the power button, it starts with "3 beeps + 3 seconds pause" (and repeat...)

Already checked, and only the 2 lower slots are working...if put RAM in the 2 upper slots, the beeps start...could the problem be with the "retention mechanism", or with the slots?

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Update (03/21/23)

Block Image

Block Image

UPDATE-> March 31 2023

UPDATE...after disassembling to verify what would be causing the anomaly, when lifting the CPU, I verified that some pins of the CPU socket had been "contaminated" with (insignificant amount that could not be seen with the "naked eye") of remnants of the "old" Thermal Paste...I cleaned the CPU contacts and pins with isopropyl alcohol...and it now works properly (when cleaning, some pins were deviated, but I also corrected them)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Did you take the cage off when you took the Heatsink off?

The perforated shield around the RAM, which tightens with 3 screws...yes

@boxerboss - you’ll need to go back in first try the system without the RAM cage, if that didn’t alter things, you’ll need to take the heatsink off again and check the socket and the CPU chip for damage. What can happen the chip doesn’t properly sit in the socket.

it will be more logical, directly take the heatsink off again?

@boxerboss - I want to first isolate if the cage is the issue. But if you are sure you mounted it correctly, then go for the heatsink.

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