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모델 A1312 / Mid 2011 / 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac12,2

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Impossible to change harddrive in new iMacs by myself?

I heard that it isn't possible to change the harddrive in the new iMacs by myself anymore. Only Apple can do this for an unbelievable horrible fee.

The German "Gravis"-Store can fix this a little cheaper. They build a special electronic-part called "cBreeze" (fan controll system) to fix this "problem".

They install "some" 2TB HD with this"cBreeze" - for 199 Euro!

Does anybody know how an iMac-2011-user can change the harddrive a little bit cheaper?

Or rather - how can I recreate such a required "fan controll" by my self?

Thanks in advance

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Stevenson, just maybe I'm not envious of Phillips reputation. I don't downvote often or without cause and I state my reasons in hope that the person will examine the answer given.

I would really love to see a correct answer on this question. How do you handle Apples proprietary seven lead heat sensor hard drive replacement with a standard SATA drive. Yes you can change cable (922-9215,16 & 17) for the Hitachi, Seagate & Western Digital but what are you going to do about that firmware? These drives started about mid 2009. If you replace the drive with something other than Apples you get raging fan problems. It may take a class action law suit to get Apple to release firmware and software updates for other hard drives but until then the consumer is screwed.




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thank you for sharing this lenghtly deliberations and for the links!

Probably it's time to take a class action law suit against apple.

Apple decided a lot of other annoying "unpleasing" technical issues in the last years e.g. lack of Bluray, USB 3.0, only glossy Displays, weird 10.7, iPhone-Bluetooth-issues, the whole invaluable TBLT-chain-thing, still extreemly expensive hardware prices...

Maybe its time for me to quitt the wohle story and switch to the boring PC-side. This is sad...

Anyway – I see I'm to dumb to add here some paragraphs in my comments... :-(

Mayer, is the "proprietory sensor" referred to in the links a software thing or hardware..is there a hack out there like jailbreaking for iphone? or is the only plan to control fans? I ask because maybe one day my Mac will need a new HDD and I don't plan on paying anyone to do it for me!

Polly, given time I'm sure someone will come up with a (flash fix) and wiring diagram but as to date I know of none. OWC has developed a way to install a eSATA port but they're keeping it a secret on how to do it as of yet. You have to send your machine in to get it done. I look for this hack to come out first, if it hasn't already: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/turnkey/i...

I look for XLR to publish it. Here's one on a 2006 iMac: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/imac_...

Here's a DIY on adding an external eSATA port that is simple: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.p...


Apple has determined that a very small number of Seagate 1TB hard drives used in 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac systems, may fail under certain conditions. These systems were sold between May 2011 and July 2011.

Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) will replace affected hard drives free of charge.


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Hi everyone! I'm checking this out, but it seems to me like they are using a thermistor, especially if jumping the 2 pins sends a "low temp" signal as I have read. THat means it needs to see a little resistance. Typically Apple has used transistors as temperature sensors, which is a cheap and very inaccurate way of doing it, but I guess "good enough". I think it would be much better to use thermistors. In this case I have tried a 5k thermistor in an iMac 2010. Admittedly it does have an SSD, but the fan is not revving and all temps seem OK even after having it on for about 12 hours doing work.

YMMV. Try at your own risk, IANAL, some restrictions may apply, see rules for details, Member FDIC, past performance may not be indicative of future results, part of this complete breakfast. Know what I mean, Vern?

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and BTW - a thermistor is like 5 cents in bulk. $9 from "retail" orders from digi-key in the USA. Mine is similar to this (I did NOT order form digikey). http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/953483-... For those in the EU, around 2 pounds UK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thermistor-5K-... Those are just for examples. Again, I haven't PROVEN this, just a theory that I am testing on an actually machine with this dang proprietary mess. This reminds me of the early days if PC's and Packard Bell PCs which required proprietary parts. What a joke. No surprise they left the market not long after. Let's hope Apple gets their act together here….

UPDATE* 13May2012 - Unfortunately my client needed his iMac back, so I didn't get a chance to play with other thermistor values, but I hope it gives someone a starting place to explore other work-arounds and possible hacks to find a cheaper solution. My client wanted a fast solution, so HDD Fan Control was the correct solution in this case. It has been working fine for 3 months now and I can safely post that everything has worked out fine.

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Hey, I'm actually the one working on the guides for this product at the moment. I see no reason why you can't replace the hard drive yourself as of yet. I was able to remove it fine pretty much exactly like the older iMac 27" Intel hard drive guide explains with a couple very minor differences. What is this part you supposedly need to do a replacement? What is the "problem" with replacing the hard drive?

PS- Apple will pretty much always tell you that you can't do the work. We're here to prove them wrong :)

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Hey Philip,

thanks for response.

I'm afraid this topic is so new – maybe you didn't hear about that?

I googled this case and found an english website, what describe it.

Please visit it. Maybe you have anyway any idea how I can save some bucks/Euros :-( ?

This all is a shame for Apple!

Greetings from the Blackforest/Germany


Here is the link with the only German solution for this Problem. Its way to expensive but it seems to work: http://www.gravis.de/blog/imac-2011-frei...

That is quite interesting...if I find any more solutions I'll let you know. For the time being, would a second hard drive work for your purposes? I wonder if the firmware would prevent you from running on the second hard drive only.

- I downvoted this Phillip because this has become a well know major issue and you didn't know what you were talking about. As far as I know there is no real end user solution as of yet.

Ok – If there is no other way, probably I will check out your "2ndHD"-advice. If this not harm the "cooling system(efforts)" and if this solution is bootable, then I will finally try this. Thanks for your hints!

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I have this info from Gravis about the "cBreeze":

Erhältlich in jedem GRAVIS Store mit Aufrüstung der Festplatte auf 2 TB inklusive Einbau durch zertifizierte Apple Techniker zum Komplettpreis von 199,90 €

In other words, the price they are asking also includes a 2 TB disk plus having one of their techs install it.

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Hi "MrMikeLyons",

Ouups – Sorry for that!

You are right!

But if I could do this by myself, I could safe anyway "a lot".

And maybe I could be more flexible in choice of the HD.

Thanks for your hint!

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Apols this is not a solution jus wanted to agree with "Steven : Jan 30"

I Totally agree with everything your saying about the way apple behaves with their product design choices and offerings those same flaws are all on my irritations list, now steve has passed perhaps we can rub some of this apple knows better than its customers … arrogance, re what they think we want from their products, out of apple, for every year they seem to engineer the products to their commercial benefit and not the customers, this trend seems unending and design is used as an excuse as to why.

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For those looking for a solution to the problem created by Apple and proprietary firmware on HDD, please check http://www.hddfancontrol.com/.

I replaced my Seagate HDD 6 months ago and this piece of software is working flawlessly in my iMac 21.5" (late 2009). It is a simple solution since it reads temperature from the S.M.A.R.T protocol built into all drives, this means you no longer need the temperature sensor or cable for the fan to operate correctly..Works with all HDD's & SSD's and, is sensibly priced too ! (around 24 € more or less)

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One thing to add is that you are not losing your warranty when Gravis is installing the 2TB HDD + cBreeze for you. Basically, you are only paying around 100 EUR for someone else installing the drive, putting the cBreeze in and you keep your warranty.

It is very cheap Id say. No risk of damaging your iMac, no need to buy tools that cost money, you save time, cost for cBreeze is included and your warranty again stays intact.

I have a mid-2010 iMac with a 500gb seagate HDD installed. There is no way of just buying a 1TB seagate HDD and replace it, right? No way that it would have the some connectors as the OEM verison that Apple is using?

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I've already changed my 1tb seagate with a 1tb wd witch was the hard drive of my older (2010) iMac

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i just replaced my 1 tb seagate barracuda 7200 with a 2tb seagate hdd (st2000dl003-9vt166); without any hustle or any problem. working just fine

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I have one cBreeze for sale for an iMac 2009 model

contact me at macstuff4u@gmail.com (i live in the Netherlands)

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