ASUS TUF GAMING A15 - Multiple display no longer connects & Game Drops


I'm not well versed in troubleshooting laptop hardware and software issues and require some guidance as the last time I had to do it was 15 years ago..

Recently my second monitor stopped being detectable via HMDI and when I attempt to play a game I've played regularly on the laptop for years the FPS has dropped to an insanely low 04FPS. I've tested the monitors and cables to ensure they are not at fault and i've also re-installed the game/

I have done the typical stuff such as re-start windows & reinstall windows files as well as uninstall and re-install GPU drivers and I'm at a little loss at where to go from here, can anyone assist with some advice?

Below are my laptop specifications

Block Image

Here is the error I see within my device manager which I have been unable to resolve.

Block Image

Please let me know if any additional detail is required and I really do apricate any assistance.

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