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New screen doesn't stick properly on top edge

I have replaced several iPod Touch 4th Gen screens, but I always have trouble getting the screens to stick properly on the top edge.

I usually use new adhesive on all 4 edges, and sometimes I include the metal plate, and sometime I don;t (I have trouble getting it in the right place)

So does anyone have any tips on how to get the screen to stick better at the top, or how to get the plate aligned better? Maybe I need better adhesive? I use pre-cut the 300LSE which is supposed to be good.

Thanks for your help!

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Honestly you have to make sure over and over again that you have:

1st removed all that is in the way, old adhesive and broken glass

2nd... Fit and fit again... It usually takes me 10-20 times to get that perfect fit.

3rd The Metal Bracket... You might have placed this bracket too much to the right or the left. I usually lift the lcd up to the light and put the metal bracket perfectly in the middle so that you can see the camera hole.

4th. If possible try to keep as much of the original adhesive as possible especially in the top area. Use a heat gun to take it off

5th. Always start by fitting the top portion of the lcd into the frame( that is where the metal bracket fits into frame) The metal bracket has two or three prongs that fit and hold down the glass. So adhesive plus the bracket makes the glass stay on.

6th It would be better explained with reassembly guides.

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The other thing that I encounter a lot is the frame will be dented and cause the screen to sit high. I would check it carefully and make sure nothing is pushed in. If it is I just take a screwdriver and a rubber mallet and pound it out

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Even a slight dent will cause the screen to sit high ? ( the frame of my Ipod touch 4g is dented on the top/middle) Is it easy to straighten out ?

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| hello i dont have an answer but i would like to now were you get the metal

| plates from?

You have to take the metal plate from the old display unit.

yes but the screen had been replaced once already and it didnt have it any more so i would like to know were i could get one

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You can probably find it on eBay. I have had very similar problems with the dented frame. What I do is use some craft pliers and it makes it easy to give it the shape.

The rubber mallet sounds like a good idea. Will probably try it next time.

The digitizer is very difficult to connect. :(

I messed up the digitizer connection on an iPod I was fixing. I am now trying to find a solution (if there is one).

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