Accessibility shortcuts won't go away

I have a Samsung TV (model code: UN55NU7190D) and for whatever reason the accessibility shortcuts menu pops up and won't allow you to do anything, pressing right doesn't work, pressing left, and pressing up, but for some reason, if you hold down you can move down. Whenever you press any button, since the voiceover is on you just constantly hear On Off On Off. Eventually it goes away on its own. I have tried unplugging it for 30+ seconds, putting new batteries in the remote, even disconnecting all other cables, and haven't factory reset yet ( I just want to avoid having to sign into everything again) but that could be a last resort.

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@elijahwright have you tried to turn it off in your settings? Should be something like this

Navigate to Home > Menu > Settings > All Settings.

Go to General & Privacy > Accessibility.

Select Voice Guide Settings and disable Voice Guide.

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