Why won't my laptop turn on?

I have an Asus ROG gaming laptop (specifically the GA401QH model) and it suddenly stopped working last night. When I press the power button the power indicator light turns on but then turns off after a couple seconds. When plugged into an ac adapter, it cycles through on and off with the power indicator turning on, the charging indicator turning on (white, not orange), both turning off, then starting again after 10-20 seconds. I've tried hard resetting by holding the power button for 30-60 seconds then turning it on while plugged in, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas what the problem could be and how I could fix it?

Also, it may be helpful to know that before this problem started, my laptop was fairly hot and its fans were pretty loud. For about the first 30 minutes of this issue, the fans would turn on whenever I'd attempt to turn on the laptop. It also didn't just suddenly turn off, I had closed my laptop and then it wouldn't turn back on. I hadn't powered it down though, just put it in sleep mode by closing it.

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