Display assembly from A1260 to A1226

Hi everyone !

Can I use a display assembly (including inverter, Airport antena, hinges, casing, data display cable...) from a macbook pro A1260 to my A1226 ??

I can't find a 100% sure answer... :)

It's seems ok for me, but on the website I can see there is 2 models .... help me !

Thanks a lot !


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US$100.00 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Funny you should ask, I literally just ordered an a1260 display assembly yesterday for my a1226, it's on rush shipping so I'll update this post after I try it. I already replaced the top case (part that contains the keyboard and trackpad) for it with one from an a1260 which works flawlessly, I even got the multitouch features and new function buttons along with it, worked as soon as I installed it, no fiddling. These two models seem to share a lot of parts, so I'm crossing my fingers along with you.

BTW for anyone else reading, my a1226 took a spill down some stairs, the screen actually tore off of the laptop, IE the hinge is still attached but the lcd and back cover are completely gone, case bent up, ribbon cables spilling out of it, but I plug it into an external monitor and it hasn't missed a beat. I'm posting right now on half of a macbook pro haha. These old macbook pros are tanks!


So I installed it, and it's a little finicky. I saw a few other sources that say it should work, but mine only works once you connect and disconnect an external display, otherwise the display isn't detected. I may have damaged something when I installed it, but I'm still fooling with it. Search for the display assembly on here, there's some more info. If I figure out what is going on I'll let you know.

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Hey !

Thanks for ur answer.

Hope it will work for you.... and for me me :)

Let me know !


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hum.... that's really weird, and doesn't reassure me. I'll check if I found something on the net, I'll let you know !

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Maybe it's obvious, but did you try resetting your PRAM ad NVRAM ??

Someone with almost the same problem as you solved it with this solution.

Let me know

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I ended up deleting a couple of plist files as suggested here (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/209...) and everything works fine now! Not sure if that's what fixed it, it seems odd but I'm not complaining. The moral of the story is it should work.

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Ok , thanks for sharing that.

Good news btw :)

I'll update the post after I try my self too.

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Ok, I've just done it and... it works perfectly !!

I changed the entire display assembly, the optical drive and the top case, and everything work ! All the parts was coming from a A1260.

Hope this post will help .


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