Is doing a 867MHz to 1GHz G4 logic board upgrade possible?

As the title States, I was looking at the logic boards and wondered is it possible to upgrade the 867MHz logic board to the 1GHz logic board?

I noticed on the 1.33GHz board that it said "Works only in the 12" 1.33 GHz Aluminum G4. This part will NOT work as an upgrade for an 867 MHz or 1 GHz 12" Aluminum" However this notice does not appear to be on the page for the 1GHz logic board.

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Good question for Ben Eisenman. I'd also like to know the answer.

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So would I. +1 for the question. Ralph

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Yes it should work without any modifications.

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+ Ralph

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Hello! Sorry for the delay.

The short answer is that it is not financially feasible. Here's why:

  • The logic board is shaped a bit differently near the ports, so you would need a different frame as well as logic board (the frame is also different around the fan area, RJ-11 area, and mic/power connector area).
  • The DVI port in the 1 GHz (instead of VGA in 867 MHz) means you need a new lower case to accommodate the port size difference.
  • The display on the 867 MHz machine has the speakers mounted on it and the subwoofer on the logic board. The 1 GHz machine has the speakers AND subwoofer on the display, which changed logic board ports and cables on the speakers.
  • There is a change from a reed switch board in the 867 MHz models to a hall effect sensor in the 1 GHz models.
  • The heat sink is shaped differently in the fan area on the 1 GHz models.
  • The RJ-11 board's screw hole is moved lower on the 1 GHz models.
  • The fan on the 1 GHz uses a smaller connector.
  • The DC-to-DC board has a different model number printed on it. It may be compatible (I haven't tested it), but it may also damage the machine.

In other words, you would need at minimum to replace the logic board, framework, subwoofer, speakers, lower case, reed switch board, heat sink, fan, and RJ-11 board. That gets expensive!

Sorry for the bad news! You're financially better off either saving for a new machine or upgrading the RAM and hard drive for better performance.

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Ben, what about the 1Ghz/1.33Ghz/1.5Ghz DVI logic boards ? Can you swap them in the 12" PB case ?

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Let's see if this can be answered with a comment: 1 GHz to 1.33 GHz: The modem connector on the LB moved down and to the right and a screw post was added, so you need a new modem and frame. The Bluetooth cable has a screw loop in a different place, but I don't know if that matters. The modem shield is now trapezoidal, not rectangular. The speakers have minor variations in shape and screw holes. That's about it for this one!

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For 1.33 GHz to 1.5 GHz: the logic board is the same form factor and connections, so you should be able to drop it in. The differences for this machine are in peripheral parts. The upper case is different in that it supports 2-finger scrolling, but I haven't tested compatibility on that. The DC-to-DC board has a different part number, and I haven't tested the compatibility. The bluetooth changed to 2.0, but I don't see a reason that it would be incompatible. There are 2 versions of RJ-11 board: one is the same as the 1/1.33 GHz, and the other has a metal bracket and different screw setup. The frame is slightly different around the RJ-11 area. That's about it for this version! I hope that's helpful!

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Yes very helpful Ben thanks and sorry Gerri for hijacking your thread but Ben's comment is complementary to the subject discussed. Hope you don't mind.

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the hijack but this seems to be the most accurate place to find an answer.

I have a working LCD screen and front display bezel on an 12" 867mhz PowerBook and I want to transfer that to a 12" 1Ghz PowerBook (which doesn't have an LCD at all). Are they interchangeable? Will it work?

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