TV has green&red lines across the top of screen and it flickers white

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My Insignia NS-50F301NA22 is about a year old. Today it started to show very faint green and red lights near the top of the screen. It flickers about every 5 seconds white from like the center to the top of the screen ( kinda like an upside down T the white flicker creates.

I check the connections, I switch HDMI. I reset the TV, I turned off the TV for 5 minutes and held the power button for 30 seconds to drain all power. None of that worked. I was reading it might be the tcon?

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Hi @john30277,

Verify how long you've had the TV.

There's a 1 year warranty on it, so if you've had it <1 year try the warranty route first.

Hit the 1 year mark in February sadly.


Might not be the tcon board as the pixels are staying on when they shouldn't.

There are driver boards for the pixels as well and they're in the screen itself.

You could try a new tcon board (example only to show cost) but make sure you get one that has the exact same part/model /revision number as yours. Also try to find a seller that has a good returns policy in case it isn't the problem.

@john30277 post some pictures/video that shows the "anomalies" If these are horizontal lines, it is not the T-con board. This sound like either a ribbon cable issue, a panel issue, or the main board, but we need to see what you can show/tell us. 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

@oldturkey03 okay I added a picture

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